Ali Landry
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Maxim (U.K. edition) - January 2001

Dirty Landry

FANCY A DIP? Good, because the Doritos Girl is back... Ali Landry on beer, bums, breasts and the beach.

You've gone from the wholesome girl in the Doritos ads to a belching, beer-drinking foulmouth. What's going on?
It's true, that's the role I'm playing in Repli-Kate - a movie about a bunch of guys who turn me into a crude, belching, football-loving woman. I knew you Brits would love me for that! In the film they get me to say the most disgusting stuff. Honestly, my mouth has never formed such words before.

Have you found yourself taking your work home?
It's difficult because on set I'm spouting filth the whole time, but somehow I always manage to leave it behind when I come home.

Have you learned to belch on cue now?
Oh, I could never do that. Thankfully, all I have to do is make the motion with my mouth and they put the sound in afterwards.

Come on, you must have some vices.
I love vodka and Red Bull. I discovered a taste for it in London, then got all my friends on it back in the States and now I've got the whole set hooked on it.

Did you down a few before you undressed in the film?
Well, I've got to confess that we used a body double because I don't want to do nudity yet. This is a comedy film and I didn't think it warranted me taking my clothes off. I picture nudity in a beautiful, innocent sort of way so a love scene would be fine, but I couldn't justify showing the world everything I've got in this movie.

Bet the body double isn't a patch on you
Actually, to make sure they were up to scratch, I sat in when they chose the girls. The film has a breast and a butt shot so we needed to get both areas right. It was so weird because I sat in this room with the director and producer and these girls came into the room, one after the other, and slowly took all their clothes off. I was so embarrassed that I buried my head in a piece of paper - the poor girls must have thought I was a weirdo. After the fourth girl, the director grabbed the paper from me and said, 'Ali, these are supposed to be your breasts, you've got to make sure they're right.' Some of the breasts were too far apart and some hung to the right, but you know what, after you've seen four or five pairs, they all look the same.

Did you have a feel just to check they were the right firmness?
I didn't need to go that far - I could tell just by looking. And in the end we found the right bum - nice and firm and the right height - and a good pair of breasts that hung just right, too. The odd thing was that because I play two characters in the film, we also had to use my sister Gina as a body double when both characters were in the same shot. So you'll see her behind and my front.

Are you saying your sister's a bit of a moose?
Absolutely not. She's younger than me and very beautiful and we have the same body shape.

What other films would you like to do?
Oh, I'd love to do something totally different like a vampire film. And I'd make sure I'd be the one doing the biting!

You're not ready for nudity yet, but judging by our photos you don't mind getting down to your skimpies
This was a great photo shoot so I didn't mind doing it. We did it on a beach in Malibu that was hard to get to - we had to climb down this really steep cliff. Even so, there were still a few people hanging around. Then I realised there was nowhere for me to get changed. It was too far to go back so they had to hold a little sarong up for me while I whipped everything off. It didn't hide an awful lot so I may have inadvertently done my first nude scene already. It's weird because in the film I have to parade around in my underwear and I found that even more nerve-wracking. I usually find it really hard to even walk around a pool without some sort of wrap round me, but after a while I realised that no one was actually taking much notice of me so I just strutted my stuff and got on with it.

Off set, what sort of underwear do you like to strut your stuff in?
I really like long lacy gowns if they're a little see through. Camisoles and teddies are sexy, too, but then I can go the other way - thigh high stockings, high heels - the whole nine yards. If I'm in the mood, they can be really sexy. It's all to do with your attitude.

We know you're coming to London in the New Year. When you land, which Englishman would you like to greet you?
I guess that would have to be Prince William. He really is rather beautiful. Do you think if I turned up at Buckingham Palace they'd let me in?

You might have to fight Britney to get through the door.
Well she is more in his age group - I suppose he is a little young for me.

A recent survey claimed that Britons make love on average 109 times a year - and Americans even less. Do you think that's an accurate sexual representation of the nations?
Well, for healthier relationships and happier people you definitely need more sex. All I can say is, I'm doing my bit to boost the American figure.

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