Ali Landry
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Maxim (U.K. edition) - July 2000


Did you get the role in the original Doritos 'launderette' ad because your surname is one vowel short of laundry?
Let me tell you, it was harder work than that. There were 50 other girls up for the part and we had to dance and pretend to catch crisps in our mouths. I've studied ballet and gymnastics so I decided to perform a couple of backflips, a few somersaults and finished by doing the splits. That's why I got the part.

When did you last visit a launderette?
It was fairly recently actually. I've just bought a town house which has a washer and dryer. But before that I had to go to the launderette all the time. I used to go in with no make-up on, wearing a baseball cap and stick my head in a book so no-one would recognise me.

Can you actually do that trick where you catch crisps and nuts in your mouth?
If you throw them high enough I can do it. The problem is that those Doritos are nearly as big as your mouth, which makes it pretty tricky.

What's the strangest thing you've ever had in your mouth?
When I was younger I lived on a farm in Louisiana and I remember accidentally putting a green stink bug in my mouth, thinking it was a green bean.

Did you spit or swallow?
They smell horrible so I spat it out straight away.

Ever done yourself a mischief doing the splits?
I haven't because I always make sure I warm up first. But after filming the Doritos ad where I was doing the splits for hours on end, by the next day I could hardly walk. Luckily your muscles have a memory and because I've always done dancing and gymnastics, it's pretty easy for me to do.

Has your boyfriend asked for a private viewing of your splits routine?
He keeps forgetting. He's like, 'I must get you to do that sometime.' But he was a dancer when he was younger so he can do flips as well as the splits, so... you could say we're both pretty flexible.

Summer's on its way. Will you and your boyfriend be demonstrating your flexibility al fresco?
Sex outdoors is great. I'm not an exhibitionist but I love the possibility that people might be able to see. I really enjoy being daring, it just makes the whole thing so much more exciting.

So where have you been the most daring?
The most recent place was on an aeroplane on the way to London. It was very dark in the cabin and things were getting a little steamy so we nipped off to the toilet to join the mile-high club. That was a real thrill.

What's your favourite part of a man?
I always notice a guy's mouth first. I love big full lips and a great smile. He's got to be taller than me too. My mum put me off going out with shorter guys. I'd bring them home and she'd whisper, 'You can't go out with him - if you put high heels on you're going to tower over him and make him look ridiculous.' And I always did everything my mum said, so I'm afraid shorter guys are out.

Where do you like a guy to touch you?
Oh it's got to be my neck. Kiss it, stroke it or bite it, but just pay attention to it.

Enough said. But is it true that your boyfriend accompanies you to shoots to make sure things don't get out of hand?
Sometimes he's around although it's not to protect me. But if I have to kiss a guy he does make me promise no tongues. In the third ad for Doritos I had to kiss this guy. It actually wasn't difficult at all because he was very good looking but I had a stand-in for some of the rehearsal shots and she actually got to kiss him first. I said, 'Hang on, I'm not kissing this guy if he's just kissed her - are you crazy? That's my job!'

In the latest ad for Doritos, a guy gets his kit off in front of you. Did you get a glimpse of his tackle?
I couldn't help it. We had to shoot the scene a dozen times and by then I'd got used to seeing his bum. I felt sorry for him because in between takes they'd just leave him standing there. They did tape a sock over his tackle to help preserve his modesty but you could still see just about everything. At first I felt so bad that I'd shut my eyes but in the end I got him a blanket to cover it up.

Was he a big boy then?
No he wasn't actually - it's just that the nearest thing to hand was a blanket.

Did you see a lot of nudity when you won the Miss USA title in 1996?
I didn't but my friend did. Some girls were really competitive. One was an absolute psycho. My friend was sharing a room with this girl who would exercise naked in front of her in an attempt to psyche her out. She had a great body so she'd walk around stark naked all the time. My friend would walk into their room and find her doing sit-ups on the floor - totally nude. She would also talk in code on the phone - she was a complete nut case. Then after I won, she turned up on my doorstep.

Perhaps she wanted to get naked and do a few squat jumps with you.
Who knows. She scared the hell out of me but I was very nice and polite and managed to get rid of her.

Do you get lots of attention from women?
I've had it happen and it's a shock if you're not expecting it. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the sensuality and beauty of a woman - and I find feminine women very attractive. A few of my friends are lesbians and I've had offers from some of their friends. They just come right out with it like, 'Come home honey and I'll open your eyes.' It's very flattering but it's not my thing. I'm sorry but I like men too much.

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