Ali Landry
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Schwing - Summer, 1999

It was the Doritos ad during the 1998 Super Bowl that kicked the Breaux Bridge, Louisiana girl's career into high gear. Now Ali Landry is a regular on the CBS television series Pensacola: Wings of Gold. She's also popped up as the vivacious host of UPN's America's Greatest Pets (as in animals, dorks, not Penthouse!) and was proclaimed one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" of 1998. There are some other big deals pending, "but I really can't say what they are, until the deals are signed," said Ali as she piloted the lead golf cart in a three-cart caravan to our cover shoot at Skylinks GC in Long Beach, CA. She has also had guest appearances on other TV fare like UPN's Clueless, the CBS soap Bold and the Beautiful, and FOX's Significant Others. "I have to be very careful what I take though," Ali says as she skids up to the outdoor set, grabbing up a dozen or so outfits to try on for the camera. "Acting is more of a challenge, but I want to be able to do everything -- acting, hosting, and commercials." Good thing, as Doritos has signed her to do three more TV ads. When Ali returns from wardrobe, the course sprinklers erupt and douse the males on the crew trying to play through in all directions.

"I have played golf before but not much. It's hard. Just to hit the ball is like an act of Congress!" says Ali with not a trace of southern accent. "When I won Miss U.S.A. I always used to have to go to all these events on golf courses and do photo shoots. They'd put me in the outfit, the shoes, hand me the club, the bag, the clothes...but they never let me hit anything!"

"She's got a natural swing," says Michael Peterson, studying her motion, appreciatively, "and a great follow through."

"I adapt to sports really quickly for some reason," Ali explains. "I've golfed before, but on the putting green the ball's like...whooosh!, all the way across the green. I can't seem to control it."

Peterson stepped in and gave her some putting lessons, and Ali immediately sank four in a row from the five-foot range. Look out! Here come those sprinklers again.

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